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by Rick Carlton for businessFUTURZ

In 1965, integrated systems pioneer Gordon Moore, penned ‘Moore’s Law,’ wherein he asserted that, “The number of transistors within an integrated circuit (would) grow exponentially every two years.”

While Moore’s growth measure has proved to be reasonably accurate in the case of five decades of hardware development, the regular delivery of new systems have been typically disrupted by generally misunderstood, yet intrinsic, growth constraints including; the emergence and integration of global networks, a constant need for the development of highly-evolved software systems, and most challenging of all, intrinsic weaknesses in the education of system users and business operators, sometimes referred to as ‘wetware.’

In the latter case, any discussion regarding ‘wetware’ immediately triggers its own set of anecdotal laws, including a 1991 approach to the cautionary challenge of educating the uneducated entitled ‘Hanlon’s Razor.’ In Hanlon’s somewhat cynical view, the responsibility for everything that happens in technology, can be placed on weaknesses associated with human beings as central components of any active system, or more succinctly put, ‘Never attribute to malice, that which can be adequately explained by stupidity (or ignorance).”

However, malice, stupidity or ignorance aside, information systems fail with regularity. But of late, more and more negative impacts have been felt at the hands of bad people, doing bad things on a global scale. Consequently, and in response to a need to further educate, and secure users against ever growing cyber threats, Tampa Florida’s Mile2 – Cyber Security Training and Consulting, is always ready, and willing to step in to help.

“We feel that the cyber space has become very threatening of late“, says Mile2 CEO, Raymond Freidman, “what we’re trying to do is offer cyber security certification training security systems training available to anyone, anywhere, whether a need is driven by an individual, or an organization”

Friedman knows the information security segment intimately, since he holds a number of advanced and professional security degrees and certifications including; a Master of Science in Accounting (with a focus on Forensics and Controllership), an Information Systems Security Officer Certification, a Penetration Testing Engineer Certification, and a Digital Forensics Examiner Certificate, in addition to twelve years of practical field experience.

His active leadership drives Mile2’s intensity and depth of focus and, consequently, the firm’s level of success to date is clearly impressive, “We are obviously proud of what we’ve accomplished at Mile2, since our firm is continuing to grow at an annual rate of 300% year-over-year, despite a consistently weak global economy, and only on the basis of word-of-mouth promotion. Our practical results have spoken for themselves, and this recognition has allowed us to garner partnership agreements with professional training firms in one hundred countries, operating from local/regional locations across North America, Europe and the Middle-East.”

“Additionally, the comprehensive nature of our cyber training programs, have allowed Mile2 to be recognized, and become accredited by the National Security Agency (NSA), and the prestigious Committee On National Security Systems (CNSS). As one might expect, in both cases, we are honored by these professional accreditations,” Friedman concluded.

Currently, Mile2 offers a range of baseline training programs oriented to student preparation for the ultimate rigors of managing effective security programs including IS Leadership Management, Pen Test Hacking and Applications and Secure Code; and leading to more formal certifications ranging from; C)ISSO Certified Information Systems Security Officer, C)PTE Certified Penetration Testing Engineer, and C)PTC Certified Penetration Testing Consultant, to C)ISMS-LI Certified Information Security Management Systems Lead Implementer and more.

“We’re rolling out additional ISO-certified coursework this year, along with rolling out a new program entitled Certified Virtual Machine Engineer (CMVE). Both of these training opportunities are particularly exciting to both our partners, and the company as a whole,” he said.

“As a firm, we also feel that we need to develop more robust training security roadmaps, in order to respond to globally emergent events, and achieve better client response time. As I suggested earlier, the cyber threat environment is getting larger not smaller, and since our stated goal is to secure anyone, anywhere, all the time, we always need to stay ahead of the bad guys.”

To learn more about Mile2 training programs, or to contact the firm on the web, please visit: Mile2

By Mail:

Mile 2
11928 Sheldon Rd
Tampa, Fl. 33626
United States of America

By phone:

1.813-354-2367 (fax)


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